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Download and Save Videos with Tokyvideo Video Downloader

download video from tokyvideoNowadays, accessing videos have become more accessible and more convenient with the growth of the Internet and the development of technologies. Different companies developed many open-source and paid streaming or video-sharing platforms to allow users to stream videos online. One of them is the Tokyvideo website which functions just like YouTube. It is a social media network that allows users to upload their videos and watch what other people have uploaded. Whenever users are connected to a stable internet connection, they can access the millions of videos uploaded to the Tokyvideo database. The Tokyvideo videos cover almost all interests and kinds, such as music videos, film trailers, product reviews and promotions, comedic videos, and more genres. So, it is not unlikely that users will find videos in Tokyvideo that they like and would love to save. When that happens, this article about download video from Tokyvideo got them covered.

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Recommended Way to Get Videos from Tokyvideo

Precio: $47.97 is the price for the lifetime license.

The first solution for downloading your favorite Tokyvideo videos is the recommended downloader to use, and we’ll tell you why. This downloader, the
Descargador de videos CleverGet, is a powerful downloader with an optimized speed in the processing and downloading department. Moreover, CleverGet can download Tokyvideo in a high-quality resolution, which is up to 1080p video quality. With CleverGet Tokyvideo Downloader, users can also enjoy the batch mode feature for efficient and simultaneous downloading of videos. There is also an integrated browser feature where users can visit the Tokyvideo platform directly from the application. When users use the app’s browser, they will be able to download the videos directly with the help of the automatic download detection feature. Finally, the CleverGet downloader also features a download manager and a video player, all included in the application.

Paso 1 Install CleverGet Video Downloader

Since the CleverGet Video Downloader is a computer application, you must first download and install its client. Click on the download buttons provided below to acquire the installer for your OS, then install it after the download. Once installed on your computer, launch the CleverGet Video Downloader.

Paso 2 Grab and Paste the Tokyvideo Video URL

Next, you will open the Tokyvideo website on the CleverGet application. Start by finding the address bar of CleverGet to access Tokyvideo directly from the application. Once the website is opened by the application, start browsing for the Tokyvideo video you want to download.

open the tokyvideo website in cleverget

Paso 3 Use the Download Popup

When you see the video to download, wait for the download detection button to light up, then click it. A download settings popup will appear, which you will use to customize your video's download quality and format. Click the download button again after customizing to start the Tokyvideo download.

tokyvideo download popup

Paso 4 Finish the Tokyvideo Video Download

Finally, the Tokyvideo video download will be completed in a while. Once the download is complete, it will be moved to the Downloaded tab of the Tokyvideo video downloader. Go into the downloaded tab to find your downloaded video, and you can also manage and play the video from the tab.

tokyvideo downloaded tab

Veredicto: The reason that the CleverGet Video Downloader is recommended for downloading Tokyvideo videos is that not only are the features an advantage, but it is also reliable and safe. The users can maximize what they paid for with smooth performance and high-quality downloads.

Alternative Tokyvideo Downloaders

Of course, using the CleverGet Tokyvideo Downloader is only the recommended method, but it is not the only viable downloader for Tokyvideo. Here are other alternative applications and solutions you can use as a Tokyvideo downloader. There are also some methods that can be used to descargar peliculas en android y iOS.

1. PegarDescargar

Precio: The downloader is free to use, but there is a donate option.

The first alternative to download from Tokyvideo is the PegarDescargar website. It is not required to install and download this downloader to use it, so users can access the service on PC, mobiles, and tablets. By visiting the website of PasteDownload using a browser, users can download videos and enjoy the full features of PasteDownload. The website supports downloading from over 500 video websites, including Tokyvideo. There is also a resumable download feature, so users can pause and resume the downloading videos. However, the only audio-video format supported by PasteDownload is the MP4 format when downloading videos from Tokyvideo. However, it does have the ability to download Tokyvideo videos in an audio-only format, which is MP3.

Guía del usuario:

  • First, open your browser and visit the PasteDownload website. Next, you will open another tab and access the Tokyvideo website.
  • After that, you will browse the Tokyvideo directory for videos you want to download. Once you have found a video, open the playback and copy the URL of the video from the address bar.
  • Lastly, go back to the PasteDownload tab and paste the video URL on its address bar. Click Download, and you will be given options to download the Tokyvideo video in various formats and quality. Finish the download by clicking on the download button of your option.

pastedownload website homepage

Veredicto: Although the download format and quality using PasteDownload is limited, the amount of downloads is unlimited. So, using PasteDownloads is still a great alternative to downloading Tokyvideo, especially since it is free.

2. Guardar desde la red

Precio: The downloader's use is free, but many ads exist.

The second way to download video from Tokyvideo using alternative downloaders is through the SaveFrom.Net website. Like PasteDownload, it is also a service website which can be accessed on any device, as long as the device has a browser that supports SaveFrom.Net. This website downloader also supports many video-sharing platforms, like Tokyvideo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, and more. When using the SaveFrom.Net downloader to download Tokyvideo videos, users have the option to save the video in up to 720p video quality resolution. Moreover, the downloader supports producing offline video outputs of MP4, M4V, and 3GP. Finally, the use of the downloader is still safe and virus-free even though there are many ads displayed on the website interface.

Guía del usuario:

  • First, you will launch your browser and use it to open two tabs. One for the SaveFrom.Net downloader and one for the Tokyvideo website.
  • Next, on the Tokyvideo tab, look for the videos you wish to download and copy their video URL. Once you copy the video URL, go to the SaveFrom.Net tab and paste the video URL into the search bar.
  • For the final step, you will click on the download button to show the available quality and format for your video download. Choose the desired quality and format, then click the download button again to finish downloading.

guardar del sitio web

Veredicto: Using the SaveFrom.Net downloader is not just convenient and fast, but it is also much cheaper because it is free. The only downside is the ads, but it still functions well, so it is tolerable.

3. KeepStreams

Precio: The price of the one-time premium purchase is $43.98.

Programas de Descargador de videos KeepStreams is the final alternative to downloading Tokyvideo videos. The downloader is a handy solution to get around Tokyvideo's absence of a download feature on their website. When utilizing the KeepStreams Video Downloader to download Tokyvideo videos, there is no download cap, and users have access to batch download mode. The KeepStreams Tokyvideo downloader's highest video resolution is 1080p, although other resolutions are also accessible. Additionally, users can plan the auto-download function of KeepStreams to download new uploads from their favorite Tokyvideo uploaders or content creators. Lastly, the KeepStreams video downloader allows users to download videos from Tokyvideo with subtitles if available.

Guía del usuario:

  • Open the KeepStreams client first, then open Tokyvideo using the address bar provided on the main screen.
  • The Tokyvideo video that you want to download to your PC can then be found there. Locate the video, click it, and then wait until the download button shows up.
  • Finally, click the download option on the KeepStreams page to start downloading your Tokyvideo video.

corrientes de mantenimiento

Veredicto: The KeepStreams Video Downloader is also a great alternative, even though the use of this software is paid. After all, it makes up for it with stable downloads and extra features like download detection and high-quality downloads.

Preguntas Frecuentes

How can I download a Tokyvideo video by copy URL?
You can download Tokyvideo videos by copying and pasting the URL with the help of third-party downloaders. These third-party downloaders like CleverGet use the URL of videos to locate and process the videos for downloading.
Is Tokyvideo download restricted?
No, the downloads of Tokyvideo are not restricted. The website just doesn’t have a download feature. So, users are required to use a third-party downloader to grab videos from the website.
What is the best download format for Tokyvideo?
The Tokyvideo website provides videos that have both audio and video, so it is recommended to download them in a video format. Regarding compatibility, the best video format for Tokyvideo videos is the MP4 format.


There are many interesting videos on the Tokyvideo platform that users may want to download. However, there is not download feature on the website, so users need a Tokyvideo downloader if they want to save videos from the website. Luckily, the apps like CleverGet Video Downloader can help solve this problem.

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