Los 10 mejores sitios de música desbloqueados para disfrutar de la música

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sitios de música desbloqueadosLa música ha sido parte de nuestras actividades diarias. Ya sea que esté trabajando o yendo al trabajo, lo más probable es que se ponga los auriculares para matar el tiempo mientras espera en el autobús. Y hoy en día, se puede acceder a la transmisión a través de la web de forma gratuita. De hecho, últimamente hay toneladas de sitios de transmisión de música que puedes utilizar. Sin embargo, no todos brindan servicios legítimos. Algunos tienen publicidad falsa y, lo que es peor, infectarán su computadora con malware. Se recomienda visitar sitios que garanticen el servicio y la seguridad de su computadora. Posteriormente, hemos escrito algunos de los mejores sitios de música desbloqueados que puedes visitar.


GrooveShark es el primer desbloqueado y recomendado sitio para compartir musica gratis, donde podrás buscar rápidamente tus canciones favoritas y descubrir una nueva lista de reproducción. El sitio es muy sencillo y tiene una interfaz limpia. No verá ninguna pieza mostrada en la página web. Para ver la lista de canciones, debes buscar directamente el nombre de la canción usando la barra de búsqueda en la parte superior derecha de la página web. Ingrese el título y haga clic en la lupa. Desde allí, verá una lista de álbumes relacionados con la palabra clave que ha escrito. Dado que este sitio es de código abierto, también puedes importar tu lista de reproducción para que la comunidad la vea y la use.

interfaz principal de grooveshark

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BlueBeat es uno de los principales sitios web de música desbloqueados para que los usuarios transmitan miles de listas de reproducción. Proporciona una lista de géneros musicales para elegir. Algunas de estas son canciones clásicas, bailables, country, internacionales, pop, jazz, reggae o este sitio. Además, los oyentes pueden hacer clic en el menú Álbum para buscar álbumes de música de diferentes artistas. Ofrece las canciones más nuevas de artistas como Thank U, Next de Ariana Grande, Hollywood's Bleeding of Post Malone y otros. Además, si no le interesa el título de música que intenta buscar, puede buscarlo utilizando el menú Artistas. Le proporcionará todas las canciones que ha cantado un artista específico.

interfaz bluebeat


Jamendo is also another royalty free music site unblocked and home to over 500,00 songs from thousands of artists all over the Globe. This community promotes equality for aspiring and professional singers and songwriters. You just have to sign up to be able to share your masterpiece and get listened to by your international audience. Aside from being able to stream, listen, and download music, there is also a publication of each song organized in the tile when you scroll down. If you are just going to stream songs, you do not need to register or pay. Just visit the official website and click "To start" under "Jamendo Music." From there, it will lead you to the suggested songs to listen to. On the other hand, Playlistsounds player is better than Jamendo.

sitio jamendo


Compared to the first three unblocked music sites reviewed, which depends on the algorithm (that's why you can't skip songs within a playlist), AccuRadio made it easier for you to stream music, listen to radio, and stream podcasts. You will see a list of Genres arranged alphabetically on the web page's left side on a positive note. Aside from that, Today's feature section will bring you the latest Podcast and Radio channels and a list of five-star radio channels. However, the this free unblocked music site webpage can be overwhelming because many ads are on the screen. Well, this is pretty normal for totally free websites.



Tune in to your favorite music, podcast, and news with this unblocked music site. Stay informed wherever you are and whatever you do. Just plug your headset on and stay tuned with CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Radio, BBC, and NPR stations. Also, you can find yourself having fun listening to exclusive music file from all over the world. You can get the full list of music channels when you visit the official website. Aside from that, this is also an app that works on Windows, Android, and iPhone. If you choose to use the webpage to listen to, just click on "Listen now" to start streaming and seeing playlists created by others.


Soundzabound is a little different from the unblocked music sites mentioned above. Instead of listing the songs on the page, click the screen drop-down menu. Complete the category and the speed, and type the title of the song the hit on search. Also, they are selling songs per volume. Depending on the Genre, music files are compiled per volume. Each work will cost you $99. Instead of signing up for a premium account and paying your monthly dues, you can buy Volume 1-10. Each volume contains a compilation of songs per category. Example: Volume 1 is for Background, Animation themes, New Age, etc. So you have to choose which one is suitable for you.



Giving a little diversity to the list of unblocked music sites for school (college network zone) and others, we are giving you Saavn. This free unblocked music site is a compilation of Indian songs in cooperation with MI. As soon as you land on the web page, you will see tiles of a song with a photo of the single and basic information about when it was released. Also, as you click the tile, you will see the player, and what is even better? The lyrics and the album release information are written along with the information about the singers.



If you need to appreciate the tune in your leisure time, go for Hulkshare music. This site is an excellent unblocked music streaming site. This site lets you get the music you need and save it on your phone without paying anything. Last yet not least, Hulkshare permits you to share your number one music record with your companions, allowing them to enjoy music offline. You can enlighten your amigos concerning the most recent hits or trending songs. There is a likelihood that Hulkshare's information base has a few melodies compared to yours.


YouTube Music

This is probably the most familiar site for you, especially for the younger generation. As we all know, YouTube is the largest and most popular video-sharing platform on the internet. They released their music feature in late 2013, and it has become a go-to destination for music lovers ever since. With its massive library of songs, easy accessibility, and user-friendly interface, YouTube Music has revolutionized how we discover and enjoy music. This is why this is considered one of the best free unblocked music sites. It also allows users to download their favorite songs for offline listening, making it convenient when an internet connection is unavailable. Besides, users can access this website on their mobile devices, extending its availability. You can extiende tu lectura aquí sobre cómo va el proceso.

interfaz de música de youtube


Finally, we have Soundcloud as one of the free music unblocked sites that are guaranteed to have unblocked sites que te permite descargar canciones tamiles. This is a music archive and a home for aspiring singers, composers, music, and podcast lovers. Although it is a site that requires log-in, it is worth the hassle. It was easy to log in and register, so it won't take long to register anyway. There's so much you can do on this site; you can listen to western music without being limited, listen to the podcasts on many channels available, and upload your music! Yes, you can share your music and be heard by millions worldwide. Additionally, almost all the genre are available in this unblocked music sites, letting you enjoy high-quality music with unlimited access.


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