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[CORREGIDO] ¿Cómo recuperar mensajes de texto de un iPhone roto?

how to get messages off a broken iphone How to retrieve text messages from dead phone? Is it possible to do that? Here are the questions of the users that accidentally broke their iPhones. It might make you inaccessible to the data stored in the iPhone. Text messages are also essential for all the data because vital information is attached to the text messages you receive. Moreover, getting messages from a broken iPhone is possible because the messages still exist on your device. You may wonder how to access text messages on a broken iPhone. So in this post, we will introduce one software you can use to address this issue.

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How to Retrieve Text Messages from Broken iPhone?

Función clave: With its advanced data analysis technology, 6x faster speed for recovering data.
Desventaja: It is paid software; the only disadvantage for those users looking for a free option.

Getting the data back can be easy or difficult when your iPhone gets broken and won’t work correctly. If the device is unrepairable, you obviously can’t restore the missing data from an iTunes or iCloud Backup unless you have a new device. But don’t worry. With Recuperación de datos de iPhone de AceThinker, this problem might be easy to solve. This software enables you to restaurar mensajes de texto eliminados, lost files, contacts, pictures, and so on in different situations. You may use three modes: Recover from your iOS Device Directly, Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup. You don't need a new phone to retrieve text messages from iTunes or iCloud Backup because this tool can do it for you. Below are the solutions with the three AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery modes.

Solution 1: Recover Messages directly from Broken iPhone

How to forward text messages from a broken iPhone? The first mode from the tool you can use is Recover from your iOS Device Directly to retrieve text messages from a broken iPhone. Here, you can recover all the data without any backup. Follow the tutorial below.

Paso 1 Descargue e instale la herramienta de recuperación

The first thing you must need to do is to download the Recuperación de datos de iPhone de AceThinker on its official website. After downloading, install the software bypassing all the installation prompts. Afterward, launch the recovery tool and explore it first.

interfaz principal fk

Paso 2 Connect Your Broken iPhone

Next, connect your broken iPhone to your laptop or computer using the USB charger cable. Wait until the software can analyze your device. Then, you can see the “Start Scan” once the tool successfully detects your broken iPhone.

connect your broken iphone to your computer and wait until you can see the “start scan.”

Paso 3 Select Text Messages to Recover

Once the device is connected, hit the “Start Scan” and let the tool detect all data on your broken iPhone. A list of options will be located on the left side of the tool containing your iPhone files. Unselect all necessary files except for the messages.

click the start scan and wait until the tool can detect all your data files then select messages to recover

Paso 4 Recuperar mensajes de texto

Finally, click the “Recover” button once you select all the files you want to recover. Then, a new window will appear on your screen that allows you to select an output folder. Afterward, to finalize the process click the “Recover” button again after choosing or creating a new output folder.

hit the recover button and select an output folder

Recuperación de datos de iPhone de AceThinker
A flexible tool to recover lost data on your device.
  • Without Backup, it can recover lost or deleted messages, photos, and more.
  • The tool can use iTunes Backup the device or internet connection.
  • It can recover data from damaged or lost phones using its iCloud Backup feature.

Solution 2: Get Messages Off a Broken iPhone via iTunes Backup

The second solution we will introduce from the software is the Recuperarse de iTunes Backup. With it, you don’t need a new phone to recover your data files on your broken iPhone. Also, even if you don’t have internet access, you can use this mode. Follow the tutorial that is given below.

Paso 1 Open the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery Tool

Since you have the software, launch it to start the recovery process. Click “iPhone Data Recovery” on its interface, and you will go to its three modes. Then, connect your broken iPhone to your PC or laptop

interfaz principal de recuperación de datos de iphone

Paso 2 Go to the Recovery from iTunes Backup

Once the device is successfully connected to your computer, choose “Recovery from iTunes Backup” among the three modes. After that, you can see your iphone information such as Name, Latest Backup Date, and Serial Number.

select recover from itunes backup and you can see your iphones information

Paso 3 Introducir la contraseña

For the last process, hit the “Start” button. Another window will appear on your screen, asking you to enter a password. Afterward, the tool can start scanning all the data you back up on your iTunes app. Select the messages and start to recover.

tap start and enter a password then select messages to recover

Solution 3: Get Messages Off a Broken iPhone via iCloud Backup

How to retrieve text messages from a broken iPhone via iCloud Backup? The last mode we will introduce is the Recuperarse de iCloud Backup. You can use this mode if you want to retrieve text messages on your broken iPhone from iCloud Backup. Even if your phone is damaged or lost, it enables you to recover text messages, photos, contacts, and more. Here’s the steps on how to use it.

Paso 1 Open the Recovery Tool

Since you have the recovery tool on your computer or laptop, launch the tool first. Then, on its interface, kindly tap the “iPhone Data Recovery” and choose “Recovery from iCloud Backup” among the three modes.

icloud backup main interface

Paso 2 Enter Needed Information

Next, you can see on the screen that you must sign in to iCloud. Enter your Apple ID and Password, and a code will be sent to you. Put the six-digit code for you to go to the next step.

login your apple id and put the six-digit code that they sent to you

Paso 3 Comience a recuperarse

Once you are done putting the code, you can start recovering the text messages on iCloud backup. Tick and untick the data files you want to recover, including the Messages. Afterward, hit the “Start,” and wait for a few minutes until the recovering process finishes.

after putting the code, you can now select the text messages to recover then click start to start the recovering process.

FAQs About How to Get Messages Off Broken iPhone

1. How do I log in to iCloud if my phone is broken?
Go to the Apple ID account page and enter your Apple ID and password. To verify your identity, which is needed, select “Can’t access your trusted device?” Then, another window will open, and enter your “Recovery Key.”
2. How can I get text messages off if my iPhone is broken?
First, connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. Then, Download and install the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery on your PC. Afterward, there are three modes there that you can use.
3. How can I transfer my text messages from my iPhone to my Android Phone?
Connect your two phones using a USB-OTG adapter. You need to tap “Trust” to add a new device. Then, you need to enter your iPhone’s unlock code to confirm. Afterward, tap your android phone and select text messages or any content you want to transfer. Lastly, hit “Transfer” to start the transferring process.


The solutions we listed above are for getting text messages off on a broken iPhone. You can see that you don’t need to download multiple software for retrieving text messages from iTunes Backup and iCloud backup. With the help of AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery, all the issues/problems you may encounter with your iPhone may help you fix them without any hassle.

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