Cómo resolver y arreglar mi Hey Siri no funciona

siri no funciona en iphoneSiri is one of the most intelligent voice assistant technologies that are popular these days. If you are an iPhone user, you probably came across this function, and it helps you expedite your mobile gestures and tasks. You can ask a question to get an answer. You can also use this to have better direction while driving. Moreover, you can set this voice assistant to send text messages and emails on your device. You can activate this function by saying the magic word “Hey Siri” on your iPhone. For example, you can say, “Hey Siri,” then followed by your query like, “ Can you get me to the nearest gasoline station?” It is evident that this function is useful for iPhone users. That is why it is a big concern when Siri voice not working. There are different causes why this function is not working correctly. Fortunately, we have a different solution to fix this error.

Recuperación del sistema de iOS
Recuperación del sistema AceThinker iOS

Solucione varios errores del sistema iOS para volver al estado normal.

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Razones por las que Siri no responde a Hey Siri

Before we indulge in the possible solutions on how to fix Siri not responding, we need to tackle the possible causes of why this error is present on our device. Siri not working on your iPhone is not a common glitch that we encounter every day. Most of the time, Siri is not working when your device is having a glitch on its system. Another common reason why your Siri is not working is due to the loss of internet connection. You can simply troubleshoot this error by switching on different connections or resetting your network connection. One more reason why your Siri is not working on the iPhone is also the function is not activated, or it is disabled. You can simply enable it on your Settings to fix the error. So below are the best solutions that we collected to fix Siri not working on iPhone due to software failure or system bug.

razón por la que siri no funciona en iphone

Reinicia tu iPhone

The initial troubleshooting you can do to fix this error is to restart or soft reboot the iPhone. This process is the most basic solution to remove glitches and system failures on your iPhone settings. Bugs and glitches lurk on iPhone settings hindering other functions from performing properly. Then how does fix Siri not responding? The obvious reason is to terminate the battery supply or the power source of your device. Bugs on your iPhone application and settings are not usually permanent on your iPhone system. They exist due to too many functions running on your device, which makes your RAM too occupied and consumed. If you reset your device, all existing processes on your device will be removed, which will lead to the deletion of the system bugs. Therefore, it is recommended to fix different minor iOS-related issues, including iPhone atascado en instalar ahora, el iPhone sigue atenuándose y más.

  • The initial step to restart your iPhone successfully is by locating your iPhone's external buttons. On the left side of the tool, you can see the Volume rack buttons. On the other side is where the power button is located.
  • Next, press and hold the Volume Down button for a few seconds. While performing that, long press the power button as well. A slider will appear on your iPhone screen.
  • Lastly, to restart your device, slide the button from left to rightward direction. It will turn off your device immediately. Then, press and hold the power button once more to power your iPhone.

reinicia tu dispositivo

Reinicia tu iPhone

When Siri is not working correctly on your iPhone, and you already restart your device multiple times. It's time to factory reset your iPhone immediately. As you can see, system glitches are common, yet they are easily fixed with restart and basic troubleshooting. If your iPhone does not respond to this troubleshooting, then the problem is already severe. Malware or viruses can be a culprit in this error. This malicious software can be acquired if you browse on Safari on websites that are not trusted by your device. These unwanted files can lurk on your system software and settings and terminate your device immediately. So, it is recommended to factory reset your iPhone. This process is a suitable solution that can easily eradicate malicious software. It will wipe out these restricted files, yet at a cost. This solution can also wipe out the files you have on your iPhone. Luckily, you can back up your iPhone on your computer to save all the files before doing this process. You can check this link to learn more about the process of backing up your iPhone. Going back to the main process, you can see the guidelines below.

  • Para comenzar, el proceso de resolución de mi hey, Siri no funciona, es desbloquear el dispositivo. Accede a tu página de inicio y consulta el listado de aplicaciones. Localice la aplicación de configuración de iPhone y toque su icono.
  • Once you have launched the Settings app, you will be directed to the list of Settings of your device. Scroll down on your iPhone screen and locate the General Settings. Tap on its menu to go through its landing page.
  • Por último, desplácese hacia abajo un poco más hasta llegar a la lista inferior de menús. Presione Transferir o Restablecer y seleccione Borrar todas las configuraciones en la lista de opciones. Luego, su dispositivo se reiniciará y se restablecerá de fábrica. Luego puede recuperar los archivos que ha respaldado en su computadora.

restablece de fábrica tu iphone

Arreglar Siri dejó de funcionar en Windows/Mac

Rasgo distintivo: It is a computer program dedicated to fix minor issues with its Quick Fix option.
¿Para qué es mejor?: It is best and suitable for users who do not want to factory reset their device yet fix the Siri issue.

Do you find factory resetting quite inconvenient? This tool is what you need to alternatively remove errors on your device. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a powerful and impressive application. With this tool, you can resolve the iOS system without the need to delete your iPhone device. It comes with two modes of recovery. The Standard mode is the most effective function of this tool as it can restore the iOS system while securing your iPhone files. It also comes with downloadable firmware that can upgrade and downgrade your iOS system. You can use this tool to fix issues when you have jailbroken your device. But if you want to safely rest your device, you can use its Advanced mode. In this mode, you can resolve iOS issues while deleting all your files on your iPhone. But with a catch, you can use its other function to back up your device on your computer. This will make the process iPhone files friendly as it can save and back up them on your computer.

Paso 1 Descargar la herramienta de recuperación

Para iniciar el proceso de resolución de la asistencia de voz de Siri es obtener Recuperación del sistema AceThinker iOS. You can hit the download icon presented above in this step to acquire the installation firmware. Access your download folder and run the tool on your computer.

interfaz de cuidador

Paso 2 Inicie y conecte el iPhone

The following guide is to launch the tool on your computer. You can circumnavigate its function and interface. While doing that, connect your iPhone device using your lightning cable.

conectar iphone

Paso 3 Elija modo

Next, hit the Fix option to prompt the selection of recovery mode. Choose the Standard mode and hit the Confirm button. It will guide you on the next step.

modo de recuperación

Paso 4 Arreglar Hey Siri no funciona

Finalmente, elija el firmware disponible para su dispositivo. Recomendamos obtener un archivo con el último parche de iOS para reparar su iPhone. Descargue el archivo y presione el botón Siguiente para instalarlo en su dispositivo.

solucionar el problema de siri

Recuperación del sistema AceThinker iOS
Una forma más fácil de arreglar Siri en tu iPhone.
  • Es una copia de seguridad automática de su dispositivo mientras repara el sistema iOS.
  • Puede utilizar esta herramienta para recuperar archivos eliminados sin necesidad de realizar una copia de seguridad de los archivos de iCloud o iTunes.
  • Viene con el proceso de transferencia de WhatsApp.
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Recuperación del sistema de iOS
Solucione varios errores del sistema iOS para volver al estado normal.
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