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Come Across 5 of The Workable Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Dark Mode

feature iphone stuck in dark mode The dark mode is one of the latest features of the latest iPhones and iOS versions. This specific feature brings specific benefits like better battery performance, easier phone usage, and more, especially in the nighttime. However, sometimes there is an issue that makes the iPhone gets stuck in this dark mode. This makes many people search for information about my iPhone is stuck in dark mode. If this has also happened with you, we will share some of the best solutions with ease. Whatever method you select, you need to ensure you follow the steps in the right way.

Recuperación del sistema de iOS
Recuperación del sistema AceThinker iOS

Solucione varios errores del sistema iOS para volver al estado normal.

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Why is The iPhone Always Staying in Dark Mode?

There could be different reasons why this issue is occurring.

Algunos de ellos incluyen:

  • Fallos de software
  • Ajustes
  • Problemas de iOS

Top 5 Ways for Fixing Your iPhone Stuck in Dark Mode

Below are the top 5 ways that you can use to fix your iPhone if it is also stuck in the dark mode. So, we will start with the simplest ones and move towards the most effective ones.

1. Restart iPhone Stuck on Dark Mode

The first and the simplest solution that you can try is to restart your iPhone. There are no compound steps involved in it, as you need to use the proper method to switch off your phone. Once it has turned off, you can wait for a few seconds and then power it on again normally. This must solve the issue.

restart iphone stuck on dark mode

2. Hard Reset/Force Restart iPhone Stuck in Night Mode

Say that restarting your iPhone did not help with the issue. There are many things that you can try out, and one of them is to force restart your iPhone. It is essential to consider that different model have different methods. For a better experience, you can check your respective mobile model at El sitio web de Apple and check how to force a restart on your iPhone in the right way. This method will cut off power from your phone's hardware, meaning that this software glitch will most probably go away when you restart your iPhone.

3. Restablecer configuración

If your issue is not solved yet, then there are chances that you did something in the settings of your iPhone. So, instead of checking every option, it will be better to reset all.

Guía del usuario:

  1. You can start this process by opening the settings on your iPhone.
  2. Go to general. In there, you need to look for Reset.
  3. Clicking on Reset will take you to another screen. From there, you need to select the option “Reset All Settings.” You may need to enter your passcode, and after this, your issue will be clear. Here are the steps you can follow.

reiniciar iphone

4. Restaurar iPhone

In some cases, the issue lies in the iOS itself, and there are not many ways to solve that issue. Using iTunes for restoring your iPhone can help.

Guía del usuario:

  • First, connect your devices using a USB wire. Then you can start iTunes on your computer.
  • When iTunes detects your device, you will see some options on the left side. Go to Summary, which will be present on the top in Settings.
  • Start the Restore process and wait until it is complete. After it completes, your issue will be solved. It is essential to note that your phone may become useless after restoring if you do not have iCloud credentials.

5. Repair iOS using AceThinker iOS System Recovery

If all of the above solutions fail, the Recuperación del sistema AceThinker iOS tool is your last hope. Instead of trying to solve the glitch, it solves the issue by completely repairing the iOS system. Here is how you can use this fantastic tool.

Paso 1 Install AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC

It would be more efficient to begin installing the AceThinker iOS System Recovery. It is a free tool available for both Apple computers and Windows computers. So, you can easily download it and install it on your PC. You can run the AceThinker iOS System Recovery tool when the installation is complete and move to the next step.

Paso 2 Connect the devices and follow the right options

Now you need to connect your devices using a USB wire. Once the AceThinker iOS System Recovery tool detects your device, you can follow all the steps according to your device’s model number. From there, you will be capable of selecting the correct mode and the correct firmware version.

Paso 3 Download required files and start repairing

Lastly, download the firmware and start repairing your iPhone. This will take a few minutes, and you will have your iPhone without the dark mode issue.


If you are the person who loves using the iPhone in light mode during the day and dark mode at night, then this problem can be very stressful for you. However, with the solutions that we have for you, this problem will not last any longer. It is nothing more than just a glitch of software; you can easily solve it. Just make sure that you are following the steps appropriately to get things done.

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Recuperación del sistema de iOS
Solucione varios errores del sistema iOS para volver al estado normal.
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