La mejor alternativa de aplicación de YouTube para Android e iOS

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aplicación similar a youtubeWhen it comes to video hosting, the official YouTube app is undeniably the best among the rest. It is a home for billions of videos worldwide, and millions of people watch YouTube videos every day. Due to its popularity, Google - its owner, made YouTube accessible to any devices such as computers, Smart TVs, smartphones, and others. With this, it is now possible to watch trending videos anywhere. Most of us use or at least own a smartphone nowadays (Android/iOS); the mobile app version is easy-to-use, allowing you to watch videos with a single tap. But in case YouTube is currently down (this situation really happens from time to time), it is always better if you have a backup. That's why we scoured the net and collected the best Alternativas de aplicaciones de YouTube, para que puedas seguir disfrutando de los videos de atracones.

Best 5 Sites Like YouTube App for iPhone/iPad

1. Tubificar

Rasgo distintivo: If you allow the app to access your location, it will present you with the most trending videos in your country compared to other apps.
Precio: Gratis para instalar; $ 3.99 compras en la aplicación
Calidad de video: hasta 1080p

Tubify is a similar app like YouTube that focuses on playing high-quality music videos. The platform is perfect for music lovers since it collects the videos according to their respective genres, such as Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock, etc. It also has an intuitive search function that lets you find songs using keywords to access diverse content. Moreover, Tubify allows you to create a playlist and add multiple songs you want. It is a great alternative especially if Videos de YouTube no se reproducen. Finally, you can even share the short videos with other users.

interfaz tubificar

2. MyT Música-Reproductor de video

Rasgo distintivo: It enables users to search on their history and play the previous that they played ad free.
Precio: Gratis para instalar; compras dentro de la aplicación de hasta $3
Calidad de video: Hasta 1080p

Do you want to keep in touch with the latest songs and videos online? MyT Music- Video Player, is a well-suited application for you. This alternative to YouTube will show you the hottest and trendiest music and video trends for the region from which it is accessed. It also enables users to add unlimited videos and create a personal playlist for their videos. Moreover, it can also manage and sort the video curated for your playlist using its information like duration, title, and adding date into the watchlist. With all its featues, this app is one of the best YouTube alternative for long videos.

myt alternativo de la aplicación de youtube

3. Vimeo

Rasgo distintivo: Unlike YouTube, Vimeo lets you watch HD quality videos without ads even though you don't have a premium subscription. This makes it one of the best YouTube alternative.
Precio: Gratis para instalar; compras dentro de la aplicación de hasta $83.99
Calidad de video: hasta 4K Ultra HD

Vimeo might ring a bell to others and works like a gem as an alternative to YouTube. It is a very close YouTube alternative app IOS that provides almost the same features. Aside from creating your channel and uploading videos, Vimeo now allows you to share live videos. Furthermore, the app allows you download videos and save them directly to its cache to watch them even if you're offline. Vimeo updates their "Staff Picks" regularly, wherein you'll find recommended videos selected personally by its developers.

interfaz vimeo ios

4. Dailymotion

Rasgo distintivo: Los videos se clasifican adecuadamente en categorías principales, que son "Destacado", "Noticias", "Deporte", "Entretenimiento" y "Música".
Precio: Gratis para instalar y usar
Calidad de video: hasta calidad 4K

Dailymotion is another familiar YouTube app alternative iOS that lets you cast its intuitive interface to a Smart TV. Here, famous personalities also have their respective verified channels to upload videos and share videos. Meaning, you can also find trending videos here according to your interest. You can also discover and quickly follow trends here with the help of its "Daily Pulse" service. Moreover, you can share Dailymotion videos straight to your social media account, including Facebook and Twitter. If you are into Dailymotion and want to discover more platforms like Dailymotion, you can read sitios como Dailymotion.

Interfaz iOS de Dailymotion

5. mi tubo

Rasgo distintivo: Le permite guardar videos y listas de reproducción de música incluso sin registrarse en la cuenta.
Precio: It is completely free to install and use
Calidad de video: hasta 720p

MyTube es un recopilador de música y vídeos de Youtube que te permite compilar vídeos y reproducirlos sin límite. Ser un reproductor multimedia típico le permite cambiar la calidad del video para optimizar la velocidad de su conexión de red. Lo bueno de la aplicación es que tiene un temporizador de apagado que detendrá automáticamente la reproducción de la lista de reproducción durante el tiempo establecido. Por último, te permite poner una contraseña para los videos descargados. Esta herramienta funciona de maravilla como alternativa cuando Ver YouTube más tarde no funciona.

interfaz de mytube

Las 5 mejores alternativas de aplicaciones de YouTube para Android

1. OGYouTube

Rasgo distintivo: La aplicación de Android te permite descargar videos de diferente calidad.
Precio: Gratis para instalar y usar
Calidad de video: hasta 1080p

OGYouTube, like most other YouTube client apps, allows you to explore the platform, listen to music, and watch videos in various resolutions. In reality, this software is simply an earlier version of the YouTube client program that still lets you download and share videos. However, you will not download videos using the OGYouTube app if you connect to your YouTube account. Because the app's design is identical to YouTube's, you won't have to waste time learning how to use it. Another good thing about OGYouTube is that it permits users to play videos while using other applications. You can get the app from your Google Play Store.

Alternativa a la aplicación de YouTube OGYouTube

2. Twitch

Rasgo distintivo: Los usuarios que crearon sus respectivos canales tienen la oportunidad de ganar dinero real a través de donaciones, patrocinios pagados y otros medios.
Precio: Gratis para instalar; compras dentro de la aplicación de hasta $300.00
Calidad de video: hasta calidad 4K

Cuando se trata de transmisión de juegos, Twitch puede afirmar que es lo mejor para hacerlo. El servicio de intercambio de videos multiplataforma generalmente se enfoca en transmisiones en vivo de juegos de su jugador profesional de eSports favorito. Puedes mirar o grabar videos de Twitch for various computer and console games such as Valorant, DotA 2, Cyberpunk, and others. Also, you can join a very interactive live chat and socialize with other Twitch members. Aside from games, you can again watch video content, like vlogs, music streams, and other high quality videos using Twitch, making it one of the best YouTube alternatives. Furthermore, the app is available on Google Play services and download videos directly.

interfaz de Android de contracción

3. Delirio

Rasgo distintivo: La aplicación te permite ver videos simultáneamente con tus amigos usando diferentes dispositivos.
Precio: Gratis para instalar; compras dentro de la aplicación de hasta $14.00
Calidad de video: hasta calidad 4K

La próxima alternativa de YouTube para Android en esta lista es Rave. Se hizo popular entre los usuarios debido a su función única para disfrutar de una visualización sincronizada con tus amigos. Aquí, puede participar en chats en vivo y mensajes de voz mientras mira. Además, permite a otros usuarios y ve videos con ellos. Otra cosa única es que también puedes crear mashups de diferentes videos usando su función "RaveDJ".

interfaz delirante

4. Tubería nueva

Rasgo distintivo: It enables users to search and watch millions of videos like in YouTube ad free.
Precio: Gratis para instalar y usar
Calidad de video: hasta 1080p

New Pipe is an intuitive yet powerful Android utility like YouTube. It provides different curated videos and music available for its audiences with unique features. It is also developed by the new smart streaming solution that provides a fast, battery-saving, less data consumption streaming service. Additionally, this tool can continuously play video even if users exit the application, which you can't do on the default YouTube app. Furthermore, this alternatives to YouTube enables users to download video up to 1080p quality in an MP4 container. Keep in mind that the app doesn't have other different formats.

aplicación de youtube alternativa newpipe

5. Tubo de vídeo DroidBrowser

Rasgo distintivo: This video platform has a floating media player that will even function even when you exit the app, which is user friendly.
Precio: Gratis para instalar y usar
Calidad de video: hasta 1080p

DroidBrowser Video Tube is another YouTube app alternative that focuses on streaming music videos. You can find the latest and trending songs performed by your favorite artists and collect them in a single playlist. Its media player allows you to control the playlist with functions like "Shuffle," "Repeat," and resizing the player itself during video play process. Moreover, it has a sleep timer function that will automatically stop any video playing within a set period, which the original YouTube app is lacking.

Interfaz de tubo de video de droidbrowser

Comparison of Apps

Caracteristicas Anuncios Versión premium Tamaño del archivo
Tubificar Molesto 52.7MB
MyT Música-Reproductor de video tolerable 59MB
Vimeo Ninguna 96.8 MB
Dailymotion Ninguna 68.8 MB
mi tubo Molesto Ninguna 17.5 MB
Caracteristicas Anuncios Versión premium Tamaño del archivo
OGYouTube Tolerable Ninguna Varía de acuerdo al dispositivo
Twitch Tolerable Varía de acuerdo al dispositivo
Delirio Molesto 28 MB
Tubería nueva Molesto Ninguna 6.3MB
Tubo de vídeo DroidBrowser Molesto Ninguna 7MB

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