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4 Best Ways to Download Movies on PC without Losing Quality

download movies pc There are various ways to watch your favorite movies nowadays. You can watch on popular movie/video streaming sites like Netflix, YouTube, and sometimes even on Facebook. However, since the said sites are online, this means that you will need an internet connection every time you want to access them. On the other hand, the only way for you to watch the movie offline is by downloading it. Unfortunately, acquiring a movie via download doesn’t always have a hundred percent guarantee of high quality. Fortunately, in this article, you will be able to meet the best movie downloaders for PC that produce seemingly high-quality displays if you get started by reading below.

Aviso legal: This article doesn’t advocate the illegal downloading of online movies, and the content is purposely for personal use only.

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4 Best Ways to Download Movies Losslessly on PC

The days are gone of watching choppy or stuttering videos online due to weak internet. Because as you finish reading this post, you can save movies on your PC with their original quality. Thus, here are the four software that you need to master.

1. AceThinker Video Keeper Pro

Suppose you need an MP4 movie downloader for PC that will execute a smooth and efficient downloading process. In that case, you must have AceThinker Video Keeper Pro. It is a video downloader that lets you download 100% intact quality movies from over 1000 websites. As a matter of fact, it enables you to get videos/movies with 1080p quickly and Calidad 4K for your amazing offline watching experience, even on bigger screens. Its ability to support any movie input makes it more impressive without compromising its easy and ultrafast downloading process. On top of that, it also lets you download a complete playlist from your favorite streaming sites. It means that if you need to download movies to a computer in one playlist, it will be easier because this software allows you to download them in batches.

AceThinker Video Keeper Pro

Impressively Lossless Quality Movie Downloader
  • Download movies in 720p, 1080p, and 4K quality.
  • Wide range support of more than 1000 various websites
  • With an intuitive user interface
  • Support batch video downloading

How to Download Movies on Your Computer Efficiently

Paso 1 Instale el software

Before anything else, you have to make sure to acquire the video downloader on your PC. To do so, click the download button presented above, and proceed with the installation.

interfaz principal

Paso 2 Paste the Movie’s Link

Launch this film downloader for PC. Then, paste the copied URL of the movie you want to download on the blank search bar in the interface. Then, press the Enter key tab from your keyboard.

pegue el enlace

Paso 3 Download the Movie

This time, you can select the video quality you want for your movie by clicking the Arrow drop-down button in the photo. Otherwise, directly hit the Download button to execute the acquisition of the movie.


Paso 4 Wait and Check the Movie

After hitting the button, the download process will start. To monitor the status, go to the Downloading section. Wait for the process to finish, then go to the Downloaded section once done.

descargando pelicula

2. Descargador de video iTube HD

Next is this iTube HD Video Downloader, another movie downloader app for PC, specifically for laptops. This superb downloader lets you enjoy downloading movies from thousands of websites, such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu, Vevo, and Facebook. Furthermore, this software is infused with a private mode of downloading feature that lets you secretly acquire the movie with a secure password. Therefore, the guidelines below will let you learn how to download a movie using the iTube HD Video Downloader.

  • Launch the movie downloader, paste the movie URL into the Paste URL section, and hit Enter.
  • Then, hit the Download tab once the software initializes the movie
  • Wait patiently for the downloading process to finish. Then check the downloaded movie in the Downloaded section

download movie itube

3. uTorrent

uTorrent is one of the most recognized software for downloading movies to a computer. It has been one of the legends in the line of downloading around the globe. Furthermore, this program allows you to download large files of movie torrents that are unprotected or legal. When it comes to quality, uTorrent has been consistent in providing a suitable quality that your device can use. You can also check the other websites supported by uTorrent in this artículo. Hence, here are the simplified steps for downloading a movie torrent using uTorrent.

  • Run the uTorrent after successfully installing it. Then, go to the Pirate Bayn and browse the movie you want to download
  • After that, add the movie once the uTorrent is launched. Then, hit the Ellipsis under the Save In section to predestine your movie
  • After that, hit the OK button to begin the downloading process. Please wait until it finishes, then check the file path

download movie torrent

4. Via Online Movie Downloading Sites

Lastly, for those who don’t want to install any software of film downloader on a PC, this option is for you. Try the dedicated downloading websites that cater to your movie-downloading task for free. Below are the listed reliable sites that give you a direct downloading procedure.


FAQs on How to Download Movies on PC

Can I download movies on Android for free?
Yes, you can. There are many free movie downloaders for Android that you can try out there. However, if you don’t want to install an app for your phone, access the free online movie-downloading websites instead.
Is it possible to compress the downloaded movies to a computer?
Yes. However, compressing the movie file will lessen the quality of your movie.
Is it legal to download movies online?
It is illegal to download movies that are protected or copyrighted. However, some streaming sites allow their subscribers to download their content as long as they pay for it.


You have learned the tutorials on how to download movies on a PC. Along with this tutorial is a list of the best programs that perform in downloading movies. All of them are accessible on PC. Hence, if your computer can obtain all of them, then you can try to install them for your tryout. However, if you can only have one software, we recommend you choose AceThinker Video Keeper Pro.

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